Our Products

HA Pack Industry has the experience and technologies to create a design of packaging that meets all requirements.


Conductive Tray

PU & PE Foam Fabrication

Corrugated Box

Electronics Packaging

Semiconductor Tray

Wafer Cell Packaging Clamshell

Automotive Tray

Lens Tray

Biodegradable Plastic Containers

Edge Board


Desiccant Silica Gel


Consumer Packaging
Industrial Packaging
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Protective Packaging
Rigid Packaging
Double-sterile Packaging

Plastic Based Packaging

Plastic Packaging
Plastic Containers
Plastic Prototypes
Plastic Thermoforming

Custom Packaging

Custom Thermoformed Parts
Pressure Forming
Parts up to 60″ Long
Vacuum Forming

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At HA Pack, we understand our customer’s sustainability and cost-saving challenges to provide the best solution in terms of packaging material, intended use and cost effectiveness.

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