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We emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of thermoformed tray products in Malaysia, producing a variety of tray products ranging from semiconductor, electronic components, automotive, cosmetic, pharmaceutical to food industry.

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At HA Pack, we understand our customer’s sustainability and cost-saving challenges–both in the marketplace and within their own internal operations.

Advanced Technology

Silkscreen Colour

Silkscreen Color for thermoformed tray are manufactured with  cores with high quality silkscreen ink printing.The color board features a smooth, finish,which provides a terrific screen printable surface.The core has built in memory,allowing it to return to its original thickness after cutting.

Conveniently light weight yet sturdy enough to resist denting. Designed to facilitate clean, edges with white or brilliant color and smooth finish. 

Advanced Technology


HA Pack employs advanced thermoforming technology and continues to provide complete extrusion and co-extrusion thermoplastic packaging for clients across multiple industries.

Advanced Technology

ESD Materials

Your sensitive components require premium protection to guard against ESD damage and rough handling. With aggressive research and product development in thermoforming materials and technology, more manufacturers are entrusting HA Pack with their printed circuit boards, connectors, semiconductors and other sensitive electronic devices.

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At HA Pack, we understand our customer’s sustainability and cost-saving challenges to provide the best solution in terms of packaging material, intended use and cost effectiveness.

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