About Us

we soon emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of thermorformed tray products in Malaysia, producing a wide range of disposable bio-degradable trays, lunch boxes and other disposable packaging which cater to the retail market, fast food restaurants and food processing companies.

Your sensitive components require premium protection to guard against ESD damage and rough handling. That's why more manufacturers are entrusting HA PACK's thermoformed products to cost effectively meet their packaging, shipping and handling needs.

With aggressive research and product development in thermoforming materials and technology, HA PACK provides the most advanced static dissipative and conductive packaging for your printed circuit boards, connectors, semiconductors and other sensitive electronic devices.

We stress on quality, flexibility and competitive pricing for our products. Keeping up-to-date with the latest technology enables us to continuously improve our products and expand our product range.


  • Semi-rigid, durable packaging protects your product during handling
  • Transparent packages for easy and fast identification
  • Wide variety of materials for your specific static control and strength requirements
  • Custom designs meet your exact packaging needs
  • Tray designs for interfacing with automated loading and unloading systems
  • Internal design and tooling capabilities provide quick turnaround and accurate, quality assured final product
  • Ongoing material development provides you with the best, most cost-effective packaging
  • Electronic Data Interchange capabilities streamline communication between your facility and HA PACK Industry.

Designing the Right Way

Our trays design is our major attraction to customer, as our design is special and rigid. we take packaging design as a serious matter as our company is a design house, which is major in design and also an play an essential and weighty role in business. A fundamental part of to reach to our customer is our effort to figure the best solution for the client in terms of packaging material, intended use and cost effectiveness.

HA PACK Industry has the experience and technologies to create a design of packaging that meets all requirements.

Helping Customer Meet Their Goals

At HA PACK, we understand our customer's sustainability and cost-saving challenges--both in the marketplace and withing their own internal operations.

  • We are committed to "Design More with Less" and helping our customers meet their sustainability goals. We encourage customers to evaluate their existing costs and add sustainability in new ways.
  • Our superior design process provides customers with packages that optimize functional performance, minimize material usage, reduce costs and meet new standards 
  • we are committed to the development and pre-qualification of new materials and processes to support customer needs Through extensive R&D efforts.

HA PACK Malaysia is ISO 9001 certified for environmental management systems.

All HA PACK packaging and packaging processes are RoHS compliant and contain no lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls or polyborminated diphenyl ethers.

Features Services

Silkscreen Color for thermoformed tray are manufactured with  cores with high quality silkscreen ink printing.The color board features a smooth, finish,which provides a terrific screen printable surface.The core has built in memory,allowing it to return to its original thickness after cutting.

Conveniently light weight yet sturdy enough to resist denting. Designed to facilitate clean, edges with white or brilliant color and smooth finish. 
ISO 9001